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Yes, I'm cross posting. Get over it.
2005-10-13 ~ 11:13 p.m.

An open letter to my newest reader:

Yes, you. I don't know who you are but clearly, you now know all about me. Am I that fascinating?

(Side note to Ann - See I'm NOT the only one totally obsessed with me)

Dude, seriously, I don't know who you are although I have a pretty strong hunch. If you know me in real life, don't be afraid to tell me you're reading. There are only two people I don't want reading this thing and I know that, whoever you are, you are not one of them.

Heck, if you know me in real life and you're who I think you are, telling me you're reading could be a very good thing indeed.

If I don't know you, that's fine. Just leave a comment or something to let me know.

Because honestly, if this isn't resolved I'm going to either lock up or block your IP address. Not out of spite or meanness but because I'm starting to feel stalked.


(Oh yeah, and shout out to Adam's cousin - it's not you, is it? I mean, I know you read from work and again, I'm cool with that. But you're not the one reading from home for hours at a time the past several nights, right?)

ETA: Thank you to everyone who is posting or writing to tell me that they're reading. I appreciate that. But I wanted to clarify. This person reading me is right here, in the same suburb of Baltimore that I am. I know I have readers in Gambrills and Essex and Frederick and I know who you are and I'm cool with that. And I get tons of hits that I don't recognize and I'm cool with that too. What's freaking me out about this one is the locality and the frequency of the reading. So what I want to know is who the person is who uses Verizon for their ISP, lives in or around Catonsville, and has read probably four hundred of my entries (between this diary and my other one) over the last three nights.


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