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Savory Sour Cream and Chive Waffles
2009-01-03 ~ 2:12 a.m.

Okay, so yeah, I'm taking this thing in a new direction. Cooking is my passion. I can write about food and cooking and recipes and Rachael Ray incessantly. So this here blog/diary/thing is going to become a combination food blog and personal blog.

Tonight was a Breakfast for Dinner night. I had seen this recipe of Rachael's before (in her Big Orange Book) but last night, while Jack and I were trying unsuccessfuly to sleep, we watched her teach this recipe on the DVR and I decided to make it tonight for dinner.

(Incidentally, we also saw a NEW commerical from "Vince with Shamwow" which included the immortal line "You're gonna love my nuts". Awesome!)

So, on the show, she joined the waffle and sausage recipe with something she called "Easy Cheesy Peasy Eggs" I made both recipes. (Can I mention here how much I HAAAAATE Food Network's website?)

Now, my friendly neighborhood Safeway store did not have Lingonberry preserves but I remember Rachael mentioned that they're kinda like a cross between a cranberry and a currant. So I got some red currant preserves and some cranberry juice and made the syrup that way, swapping out the water in the syrup recipe for the water. Also, left the fennel out of the sausages (should have added more salt) and left the peas out of the eggds (becuase I just don't much like peas).

But overall, the dish turned out wonderfully. The syrup was the best part with the sausages being the weak link. Like I said, should have added salt but the recipe said no salt....but I guess since I left out the fennel I should have thought about replacing that flavor with another.

And, although I can't promise this everytime, tonight y'all get a pic.



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