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This kind of thing can only happen when you work virtually
2008-10-19 ~ 2:50 p.m.

So yesterday morning I was at my desk working. It was quiet morning so far, being a Saturday and also did I mention morning? Ugh.

Anyway, for some strange unknown reason known only to psychotic kleptomaniacal Norweigan Forest Cats, Gracie decided that would be the perfect time to climb to the very tippy top of my computer desk and stand on the highest element at the very tippy top of my computer desk (a hatbox! with no hat! why? no clue!) and stare down at me and watch me work.

This was very unnerving.

When she was a little kitten and I was still using a desktop, she used to sit on top of my monitor and watch me and I used to think she was a spy sent from my former manager....but she hadn't done that in months, long before I switched from a desktop to a laptop. She never really climbed ANYWHERE.

So it was kinda bizarre to see this cat up near the ceiling, watching me.

But what was worse was when she started making that noise. You know the one (if you've ever had cats that is). The universal cat noise that says, "Look out, I'm about to yak."

I immediately had a flashback to when I was a kid and my cat Mickey was standing at some high locale and started to make the noise and I peered up at him to see what was going on and got a faceful of cat yak for my concern.

So of course, I realized I had to save my laptop from cat yak. Without further thinking it through, I immediately closed the top. Forgetting that doing so would close my internet connection.

And thus sever my connection to my network and work.

Which would require my session to be reset.

By my manager.

Or, since it was a Saturday and there were no managers present, I would have to get on the phone. And call IT. And explain exactly what had happened. And listen to them laugh at me because that's what they do.

I immediately reopened the laptop and was able to reconnect to the internet before my network connection was broken, thank goodness, because that was NOT a story I wanted repeated around the office on Monday.

On a slighly related note. Right now, Gracie has selected another high perch upon which to sleep. Not quite as high this time, maybe about five feet off the ground.

Ben and Susie come into the room and Susie says, "Awwww, look at Gracie, she's so cute." Ben reaches up to pet her. Susie says he's being rude.

"Why?", he asks. A legitimate question, I think.

"Because you can pet her and I can't."

"That doesn't mean I'm rude, that just means you're short." HA! I love that kid!

Anyway, that's it for today. Sunday I take the kids to Kings Dominion again for the first time since 2005. Ben and Melissa are going to "fly" but I'm going to sit it out this time (I would link to the entry I wrote about this last time but I'm lazy. It's in the archives, May 2005, I think, something about "Plummeting to our doom!")

I might get video this time. We'll see.


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