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Ooh fancy!
2008-10-15 ~ 7:29 p.m.

Hi guys. Remember me? Sorry I'm so MIA. Lately I don't seem to have any enthusiasm for anything except for cooking and reading....and playing Free Cell on the computer.

We have started going to the gym though so that's good. Every night I get on that treadmill....and every night I get shooting pains in my shins. I am so out of shape AND I need better running shoes but both those things will be fixed in time. Jack is getting me new shoes for my birthday and as long as I continue to be dilligent with my workouts, I WILL get back into shape.

Shhh....I haven't told many people about this yet but I have a long term goal to run in a maraton by the time I turn 45. That's five years from now.

Sigh, I have so much to write about and right now I'm actually in the mood, but I'm also working and can't take too long an escape. I mostly popped in here to get some feedback from y'all on something.

See, I decided to spark my creative cooking juices a little bit last night and I asked Jack to think of three adjectives to describe what he would like for dinner tonight.

He came up with hearty, luscious and fanciful.

Hearty and luscious I can do. Shepherd's Pie with sour cream and cheese mashed potatoes. As for fanciful, I'm going to stencil a shape on top of the potatoes with paprika.

The problem is, I am stumped for a shape. I was going to do a heart but that's more romantical than fanciful.

So, I'm taking suggestions. I would draw a unicorn but my drawing skillz are rudimentary at best. So, ideas???


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